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Celebration of Constitution Day 2022

NSS Unit-VI of Kathua Campus, University of Jammu, celebrated ‘National Constitution Day’ to commemorate the 73rd anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of India, under the banner of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav with great fervor and gaiety in the Campus Seminar Hall.

The program was held under the patronage of the worthy Rector of the Kathua Campus, Dr. Meenakshi Kilam. She motivated the students to affirm their commitment to the Fundamental duties and should uphold the ideology of the Indian Constitution. She further encouraged everyone to play their rightful role in strengthening Indian Democracy.

Prof. Susheel Kumar Sharma, Coordinator, UIET, in his message stressed the importance of this special Day. He added that Constitution is aimed at reiterating and reorienting the citizens towards the values and principles expressed in the Constitution. 

Event coordinator Mr. Amit Sharma, Assistant Professor from the Department of Computer Science & IT, read the Preamble of the Constitution, wherein all the staff members and students joined him for a pledge ceremony. In his address, to the gathering, he mentions that Constitution Day, also known as ‘Savidhan Divas,’ is celebrated in our country on 26th November every year to commemorate the adoption of the Constitution of India. On 26th November 1949, the Constituent Assembly of India adopted the Constitution of India, which came into effect from 26th January 1950. Mr. Amit Sharma in his welcome address applauded the freedom fighters and the members of the constituent assembly for realizing this day. 

On this occasion, a documentary of making of Indian Constitution was streamed for the gathering. Several enthusiastic students from the Department of Computer Science & IT and University Institute of Engineering and Technology (U.I.E.T.) participated in the program. They highlighted the key features of the Constitution and its spirit, which have enabled everyone to enjoy the benefits of a free society, free speech, and freedom to practice religions. 

Among others the various faculty members from the Campus are Dr. Sourabh Shastri, HoD , MCA, Dr. Sunny Sharma, Ms Ritika Goyal, Ms. Avni Sharma, Ms Thirika Nath, Ms. Kamakshi, Dr. Zahin Ansaari, Er. Amarjeet Kour, Ms. Ritu Sharma and Dr. Nisha Choudhary. The program concluded with the vote of thanks proposed by Dr. Shivani Sharma.

International Yoga Day 2022 celebrated at Kathua Campus, University of Jammu

NSS Unit of Kathua Campus, University of Jammu  in collaboration with the Campus Cultural Committee  under the banner of Azadi ka Amrut Mahastova celebrated the  International Yoga Day 2022 and as a part of Common Yoga Protocol (CYP) launched by the Ministry of Ayush, Govt. of India for the students of Kathua Campus and U.I.E.T.

The event was held under the patronage of Dr. Meenakshi Kilam, Rector, Kathua Campus. In her message, she said that “Yoga is a philosophy for achieving purest form of self-awareness, devoid of all impurity and negativity. Our ancient Yoga masters teach harmonious living for  life for blissful and divine life. Yoga must be inculcated in the daily life by every individual particularly by the young students ”

 Professor Susheel Sharma, Coordinator, UIET also in his message said that”Yoga is essentially spiritual, its efficacy in the management and prevention of diseases and the promotional aspects have been very well established since time immemorial”.

The  session was  organized to sensitize the participants to stay motivated and lead a healthy lifestyle by practicing YOGA in their daily lives.

Teaching faculty/Non-teaching staff of the Kathua Campus and U.I.E.T. along with students of the Campus/U.I.E.T. participated in this event with enthusiasm. The yoga instructor Mrs. Shalini Gupta demonstrated Various Yoga asanas  for the well-being of the participants The event was organized under the supervision of Mr. Amit Sharma, NSS Programme Officer, Kathua Campus and Mr. Sarvdaman Sharma, In-charge NSS activities, U.I.E.T. Mr. Amit Sharma appreciated efforts of  the NSS volunteers and said “Yoga is an invaluable gift of ancient Indian tradition. It embodies unity of mind and body; thought and action; restraint and fulfillment; harmony between man and nature and a holistic approach to health and well-being. Yoga is not about exercise but to discover the sense of oneness with ourselves, the world and Nature.” All the faculty members, officers, non-teaching staff and NSS volunteers of Kathua Campus and UIET including Dr. Vivek Sharma, Dr Sourabh Shastri, Dr. Sunny Sharma, Mr Pranav Ratta, Ms Ritika Goyal, Ms Anjally Gupta,  Dr. Mahesh Kaul,  Ms Tiharika Nath among others participated in the International Yoga day 2022 celebration.

Kathua Campus, JU organizes plantation drive on the eve of ‘World Environment Day’

Kathua Campus, University of Jammu organized a plantation drive on  the eve of ‘World Environment Day’ in collaboration with the ‘Parvarayan Gatividhi’, an organization dedicated to bio-diversity and environment conservation as part of the country-wide ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’ celebrations under the theme of year 2022 #OnlyOneEarth. The drive was aimed at highlighting the critical importance of safeguarding the natural resources of the ‘Mother Earth’. Mr. Kewal Bali ji, a renowned environmental activist from ‘Parvarayan Gatividhi’, was the key resource person on the occasion.

Dr. Meenakshi Kilam, Rector, Kathua Campus while applauding the efforts of the participants assured that more such activities shall be conducted on large scale in the times to come under the aegis of ‘Green India Clean India’ campaign. Professor Susheel Sharma, Coordinator, UIET also in his message said that “We are committed to make Kathua Campus ecofriendly” while highlighting the importance of such activities in present scenario of Global Warming. Further, Mr. Amit Sharma, NSS Programme Officer while stressing upon the rationale of the drive said that “Institutional forestation is one of the most important components of our ecofriendly policy to create green assets within the Campus.” Mr Pankaj Khajuria, Assistant Registrar, Kathua Campus played a pivotal role in procuring the plants and mobilizing stakeholders for the drive. Speaking on the occasion, he said that being peak summer and the survival rate of the plants being a little low, a small plantation drive (20-25 saplings) was conducted to mark the importance of ‘Environment Day’ that shall be followed by series of major ones in the upcoming rainy season.

All the faculty members, officers, non-teaching staff and NSS volunteers of Kathua Campus and UIET including Dr Mahesh Kaul, Dr Zaheen Ansari, Ms Tiharika Nath, Ms Kamakashi, Er. Saravdhaman among others participated in the said drive thereby planting saplings of different varieties including medicinal and ornamental plants.

JU’s Kathua Campus organizes a webinar on ‘Career in Software Development’

Department of Computer Science & IT, Kathua Campus, University of Jammu (JU) organized a webinar titled “Career in Software Development” for the students. Mr. Vipan Verma, Senior Software Developer and Co-Founder, Ecronsoft App Pvt. Ltd., Bangaluru was the resource person. The students of MCA department from Kathua Campus and B.Tech (Computer Science) from University Institute of Engineering and Technology (UIET), University of Jammu were the participants during the webinar.

Mr. Verma started his discussion with the usage of Software Development Life Cycle for the purpose of developing minor and major projects. He further discussed in detail about the current trending programming languages and frameworks. He also stressed upon the students to take up programming keeping into consideration the increased demand of software developers in industry. With his expansive knowledge, he elaborated the advancement of technical and soft skills to match industry requirement followed by demonstration for the preparation of job interviews and awareness regarding various job roles/skills that are in high demand at present in software industry.

The webinar was organized under the stewardship of Dr. Meenakshi Kilam, Rector, Kathua Campus, University of Jammu. Dr. Kilam appreciated the efforts put up by Dr. Sourabh Shastri for organizing an insightful webinar regarding futuristic scope in software industry. She acknowledged the venture taken up by the department and assured every future possible support in such initiatives. She encouraged such activities for these are the necessity of present time to fortify the knowledge of students and to meet the expectations of the industry.

Professor Susheel Sharma, Coordinator, UIET, University of Jammu recognized the efforts of the faculty members and inspired the students to show more participation in such valuable events.

Dr. Sourabh Shastri, Organizing Secretary of the webinar and Incharge Head, MCA Department thanked the resource person and assured the students for organizing more of these activities to familiarize them with the recent trends of the industry.

The faculty members namely; Mr. Amit Sharma, Dr. Sunny Sharma, Mr. Rakshit Khajuria, Ms. Ruhi Mahajan, Ms. Ritika Goyal, Mr. Sarvdaman Sharma, Mr. Abhigya Mahajan, Mr. Pranav Ratta, Ms. Himani Khajuria and Ms. Archana Salaria were also present.

Induction Programme organized from March 18th–21st, 2021 for freshers.

A four-day Induction Programme was organized by the Department of Computer Science & IT, Kathua Campus, University of Jammu from March 18th–21st, 2021 for freshers. A total number of 8 sessions were conducted during the whole programme where the experts from various organizations from India and abroad shared valuable knowledge with the entrants. The Induction Programme was organized under the stewardship of Professor Meena Sharma, Rector Kathua Campus and Chief Coordinator Campuses, University of Jammu. Professor Sharma lauded the efforts of the department for organizing such a mega online event for the newcomers who joined the campus recently. She hoped that the freshers will have a rich and fruitful stay at the Campus. She assured the newcomers full cooperation from the faculty in the next three years and emphasized upon the benefits of participation in such academic activities for skill enhancement besides regular class work. Professor Lalitsen Sharma, Head, Department of Computer Science & IT, University of Jammu delivered the keynote address and highlighted about the skills required in the IT sector. He stated that in addition to the syllabus, the students should focus on new technologies like Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition etc. and work on projects from the very beginning. He adhered to the idea that students are the real pillars of an academic institution and such activities pertaining to technology augment the efficacy of the diverse project works.Taking the thread, Dr. Jasminder Kaur Sandhu from Chitkara University, Punjab delivered a talk on Machine Learning: Real-World Applications and Programming Aspects. She explained various techniques, algorithms and applications of Machine Learning and further demonstrated how to work in Python and R platforms. However, Dr. Mamta Mittal, from G. B. Pant Government Engineering College, New Delhi delivered a talk on Introduction to Data Mining and elaborated the whole process of extracting knowledge from voluminous databases, various techniques of data mining and elaborated the functioning of various algorithms. Dr. Surbhi Gupta from GRIET, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad discussed the technology of Machine Learning and Computer Vision and its applications in depth. Dr. Gupta inspired the students to work on the projects related to Machine Learning and Computer Vision and also elaborated the required steps at their end. She explained various related fields like Image Processing, Computer Graphics, Pattern Recognition and Robotics.Mr. Prathamesh Churi from SVKM’s NMIMS Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Engineering, Mumbai threw light on Importance of Research in Academia and advised the students to realize the importance of time and should begin their research initiative while pursuing Masters. Dr. Anand Sharma from University College of Computer Applications, Guru Kashi University, Punjab delivered a talk on Project Based Learning where he explained that the students should focus on deeper knowledge through active exploration of real-world challenges and suggested to adapt the spirit of team work for intricate knowledge. Mr. Vikram Jeet Singh working in Development Bank of Singapore, deliberated on Opportunities and Challenges in Corporate World where he discussed in detail about how to plan career in industry. He stressed upon the web concepts, and its applications. Mr. Varinder Singh from EFS Facilities Services Group, Dubai discussed the abstract idea of Hope-a belief in oneself, pressing upon accomplishing big things in life and discussed the techniques to build momentum towards their goals and achieve full potential in life. Dr. Sourabh Shastri, Incharge Head, MCA and Organizing Secretary of the event welcomed the guests and introduced the resource persons to the participants. Mr. Amit Sharma delivered formal vote of thanks whereas other faculty members including Ms. Paramjit Kour, Mr. Riti Prakash Singh Katal, Dr. Sunny Sharma and Mr. Pranav Ratta were also present during the sessions.