MCA is a full time six semester course which includes one semester of professional training in the industry. The objective of the Master of Computer Applications (MCA) program is to impart core education in Computer Science and its applications, so that students are well prepared to face the challenges of the highly competitive IT industry. The course structure ensures overall development of the students, while concentrating on imparting technical skills required for an IT professional.

Semester 1

MCA-101 Mathematical Foundation of Computer Science

MCA-102 Problem Solving & Programming in C

MCA-103 Computer Organization & Assembly Language

MCA-107 Operating System Principles

MCA-190 Practicals (based on all the above courses using C on Windows/Linux Plateform)

Semester 3

MCA-308 Computer Networks

MCA-309 Softwere Project Management

MCA-310 Algorithm Design & Analysis

MCA-311 Computer Graphics

MCA-312 Application Programming using Java

MCA-390 Practicals (based on all the above courses )

Semester 5

MCA-504 Artificial Inteligence

MCA-510 Optimization Techniques

MCA-511 Principle of Computer Design

MCA-518 .Net Technology & C

 Elective any two of the following

MCA-514 Parallel & Distributed Processing

MCA-515 Image Processing

MCA-516 Mobile Technology

MCA-517Neural Networks

MCA-490 Practicals (based on all the above courses

Semester 2

MCA-203 Data Structures Using C language

MCA-208 Database Management System & Oracle

MCA-209 Computer Architecture & Mictroprocessor

MCA-210 Object Oriented Concepts using C++

MCA-211 Discreate Mathematical Structures

MCA-290 Practicals (based on all the above courses preferably C++)

Semester 4

MCA-411 Web Technology

MCA-420 Theory of Computation

MCA-421 Data Mining & Data Warehousing

MCA-422 Numerical & Statistical ComputingElective any one of the following

MCA-416 Simulation & Modeling

MCA-417 VB.Net & Windows Programming

MCA-418 VLSI & Embedded Technology

MCA-419 Programming Paradigms

MCA-490 Practicals( a Mini Project is to given to the students as a part of the regular assignment

Semester 6

MCA-601 Project work 25 credits

The scheme of evaluation regarding Project work shall be follows as:

The Project in sixth semester shall carry 400  marks distributed as follows:

Semester Presentation & Internal Evaluation                                                                         100 marks

End Semester Evaluation                  

Project Evaluation                             200 marks           

Project Viva-Voce                               100 marks

Semester 6 total –                               400 marks